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The lines between the physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred.

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference will demonstrate how supply chains leaders will blend the lessons of the past with their aspirations for the future to deliver sustainable commercial success.

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Traditional markets are being redefined, customer expectations are constantly evolving and the very way daily tasks are conducted are being rapidly transformed. Supply chains must now focus on effectively converging their foundational capabilities, with new and emerging digital strategies in order to not only compete but also prosper and grow in this bold new era.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

People say alone time doesn’t exist for college students. Actually, it matters from person to person. Either you want to live with a cesspool of dirty students that you can’t escape or find ways to hibernate yourself and recharge.

Affiliate marketing is one of the interesting ways to make money from home by promoting products or websites online. By doing so you can earn a certain percentage as commission from sales made. The services or products you promote are provided by others. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme but through understanding consumer behavior you can earn decent commissions.

  1. Rail shippers for supply chain success

You may be popular around your friends. They like you. They like the way you tell them stories. Your sense of humor makes them laugh-burst out. But have you ever thought that you can make money out of this worthy talent?

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In just a few years, hobbies for college students have become the art and science of making money on YouTube. It’s time for you to start a YouTube channel where you can show off your goods. There are many storytellers who get discovered through their channels by posting routines they do at home. They’re self-made celebrities who have earned an audience and so lots of money.

  1. sustainable commercial success

Now the value of handcrafted products is in high demand. In fact, it is an ever trending business because people know crafting is a soul-putting job. And, let’s be real…if you have the opportunity to make money from home by doing something you love, would you be able to stop yourself jumping on the couch?

Being creative is great for the soul, it brings peace. But before taking a leap, start searching for what others are selling successfully. Maybe you get a unique idea. Visit craft shows, local retailers that sell crafts, and websites that are good at selling handmade items.