12 Eldridge Street New York
Thursday, 10 December 2020 16:56Monday, 23 August 2021 16:56
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The Distribution Logistics Summit (DLS) is the only conference of its type in Canada as it uniquely focuses on expanding and evolving the inter-connected supply chain sector.

All sectors of the aviation, maritime and logistics industries

Air Cargo Americas will bring together top executives from all sectors of the aviation, maritime and logistics industries to exchange views and experiences to enhance the growth of the cargo industry in the Western Hemisphere. 

  • Present updates on the latest security and safety regulations
  • Provide a forum on international aviation, maritime and logistics issue
  • Report on MIA's expanding role as one of the certified pharmaceutical ports

Airports, seaports, exporters, shipping lines, freight forwarders, shippers, importers, consignees, equipment and technology suppliers, among others, will interact, exchanging ideas and information. Topics will include security, regional consolidation, manufacturer and shipper needs in high growth cargo, trade facilitation, improving productivity, speed and service quality, responding to market changes and demands from shippers, consolidators and forwarders, and controlling costs while streamlining customer services.

Experiences to enhance the growth of the cargo industry

Inwood helps run a program where pre-service teachers and teachers at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) come together and have professional development together about environmental education. OISE and the TDSB have been partners for more than a decade.

Increase two-way cargo growth and international business in the Americas

Jessica Alba

Inwood sees many aspiring teachers eager to use environmental education as a way to teach their future students about skills like communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. These discussions, however, aren’t new to them; many participated in environmental education programs when they were in elementary and secondary school.

“We’ve had a couple of generations to plant the seeds for this work, and I feel like those seeds are starting to fully grow and take root,” says Inwood.