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CSCMP’s EDGE supply chain conference and exhibition is an event like no other, with unlimited opportunities to learn from industry experts, hear dynamic speakers you won’t find anywhere else and network with the most influential supply chain leaders in the world.

The hub of state’s entertainment and hospitality district

Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia! The Georgia World Congress Center Authority campus is the hub of the state’s entertainment and hospitality district. Beginning with a single exhibition hall, the GWCCA campus now includes 22-acre Centennial Olympic Park, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, International Plaza, multiple parking decks, the College Football Hall of Fame, Junior Achievement Discovery Center and the 3.9-million-square-foot convention center.

What’s most important in supply chain

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Samantha Akkineni

Masks create a barrier between a speaker’s voice and the listener’s ear. This will not only reduce the volume of speech but can also reduce the clarity, making it more difficult for all students not just those who are hard of hearing to understand the teacher and their peers. Masks also make speechreading impossible, which is an essential communication strategy for many people with hearing loss.

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  • 22 dedicated tracks and over 120 sessions spanning the end-to-end supply chain
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Social distancing is another factor to consider. It can help control viral spread, but it also reduces the volume of speech. In fact, every time the distance between a speaker and listener is doubled, the sound intensity drops by about 25 percent. Typically, teachers use an FM system a microphone worn that transmits a direct sound signal to a receiver worn by a child to help deliver sounds right to their hearing aid or cochlear implant. But speaking into a microphone with a face covering could result in friction between the two surfaces, which could create sound interference.