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Within the past year alone, the reported total merchandise returns went up from $351 billion to $369 billion, and an estimated $24 billion was lost to return fraud and abuse.

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Consumer Returns is the only peer-led forum for returns management leaders from top retailers, brands, and remanufacturers whose main goal is to drive revenue through improved post-purchase customer experience, reverse logistics optimization, and fraud prevention. You’ll leave the event with the insights and tools you need to future-proof your returns management strategy and gain an army of loyal customers.

It turns out, I had inadvertently stumbled upon something special. Bobby, like all the 8th-grade students in our school that year, was reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I just had received several copies of the title in large print so I asked Bobby to switch from reading his regular print to the larger text. I was curious to see if he would notice any difference between the two formats. Bobby obliged and spent the rest of the period quietly reading, but when the bell rang and it was time to return the book that’s when he gave me the look.

Returns management strategy

You’re really learning from the best-of-the-best at Consumer Returns. The information, advice, new connections and strategies I’m leaving with are priceless.

Samantha Akkineni

So I relented and let him keep the book. The next day when I asked Bobby why he didn’t want to return the book, he responded that he didn’t want to stop reading. “It was easier to read, and I didn’t lose my place as much as I usually do, especially reading and then looking up, and then going back. It was easier to find my place in the large text book than the small text book.”