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CMA Shipping's virtual platform hosts live and on-demand sessions throughout the event. 

Call for Papers

Expert speakers provide insights into hot topics in the global maritime industry, including the impact of COVID-19, an update from the U.S. Coast Guard on IMO 2020 compliance and enforcement, and what effect automation in the workforce will have on the shipping industry.

With SHIPPINGInsight’s focus on technology and innovation and CMA Shipping’s emphasis on the commercial aspects of shipping, this is a winning combination to give value to all attendees. 

Jessica Alba

Because Autism Spectrum Disorder affects communication and behaviour, an ASD diagnosis can pose unique challenges to social learning. Limited interests and repetitive behaviours often impair a person’s ability to function in a school environment.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were protocols for embedding recognizable patterns and comforting routines into content delivery while providing stimulating opportunities for student-led discovery? What if I told you that Arts Integrated Teaching can not only enliven your classroom but also be a lifeline for those with ASD? Even teachers without prior experience in the arts can effectively use visual art and music to achieve learning targets with students regardless of ability.

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As an elementary Music Teacher, I enjoy being instrumental in helping children express themselves. When my school was awarded grant funding for Arts Integration, my fine arts colleagues and I were ecstatic! Colourful hallways lined with student paintings and music pouring out of every door seemed an ideal environment for engaged learning. However, some of our general education colleagues were less enthused. 

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Let’s delve into specific ways in which drawing, responding to imagery, and engaging in music can positively impact the communication, emotional, and sensory needs of students on the autism spectrum in your class.