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Driver License Control

Driver License Control

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EXPO is the intermodal industry’s platform for products, services, and solutions; a classroom for new skills and know-how; and an exchange for ideas and business.

Living and breathing the world of Supply Chain Management

All necessary precautions will be taken by IANA to ensure a safe and secure event for all attendees and exhibitors. A virtual component will be offered to allow for greater participation by those who may be unable to attend

Members of the intermodal freight community attend presentations on the technologies impacting intermodal and ways to strengthen shipper/drayage partnerships.

Samantha Akkineni

Despite their best efforts many schools have struggled to adapt to the current crisis, with teachers under a lot of strain to keep lessons going without systems designed to help them manage their curriculums appropriately. As time has progressed, many people (particularly parents) have asked why technology.

  • Intermodal industry’s platform for products, services and solutions
  • A classroom for new skills and know-how
  • An exchange for ideas and business

Digital transformation to sustainability

This webinar will present Open eLMS Live - a system designed to help teachers deliver a timetable of classroom learning remotely using existing teleconferencing systems and online learning resources. We are confident that you will see the benefits of running this remote learning platform now and also when your school reopens. It will also enable you to create a plan of action should a shutdown be necessary at any time in the future.

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